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New Zealand Ironman

Ironman New Zealand

New Zealand Ironman celebrated the 25th anniversary of its first race on March 2009.

The Ironman in New Zealand has constantly held a special and unique place in spreading the movement of the Ironman races globally.

Aside from Hawaii, no other competition has the quantity of worldwide competitors, certainly.

And no other country has as many nations represented – generally, representatives from over forty countries participate in New Zealand.

The Ironman race in New Zealand still remains as a must-attend event for all participants of Ironman.

For the sport’s biggest names, the New Zealand Ironman has played a turning point in their evolution. The victory in the New Zealand Ironman of three winners later made them into big names in the sport.


They all agree that the Ironman race in New Zealand was a major component in the advancement of their career in the sport.

Scott Molina, an American tri-athlete and the first New Zealand Ironman winner, as well as Tim DeBoom (USA) and Lothar Leder (Germany) have all recalled that their victory in this country was a major boost to their athletic careers.

Known as the real life Bionic Man and the Terminator, Scott Molina was famed for his ardor in joining race upon race upon race.


He is reputed to have joined more than thirty five races in one year!


Once, Molina joined a cycle tour event at a time when he was considered a rookie in the world of comparatively expert cyclists in an 8-day, 1,120 kilometer stage tour.


Critics were impressed when Molina dashed off on the morning of the last day to succeed in a Minnesota distance race for United States Triathlon Series Olympic in the morning, before dashing off to re-join the tour for the last hundred kilometer phase in the afternoon.

His professional career of fourteen years is comprised of over two hundred important professional competitions. He won over a hundred of them and ended on the stage 2 out of every 3 starts. According to Molina, he was always ready to join any race that involved a cash prize.
So intelligence of the latest New Zealand event, the country’s first official global event authorized by the organization of the Ironman was an irresistible lure.
Molina was not particularly thrilled by the distance of the Ironman either the entire distance of the Kona or the New Zealand Ironman distance of a two-mile swim, two hundred-mile cycle and twenty-mile run.

New Zealand Ironman

His placing 4th in 1982 in the Kona was followed by a 1981 and 1983 DNFS. Also, in 1984 in Nice he had a poor race.


The 1985 New Zealand race enticed him enough to dash over to the Pacific and compete in the country’s first Ironman race. No major races were slated at the time and the competition’s format which was a bit shorted suited him better.

Molina had an inkling that things would not be easy when he went to the race in Auckland in 1985. A big obstacle came in the form of Dave Scott who had already won the Ironman in Hawaii 4 times and had finished 2nd behind the 1982 Ironman winner, Tinley. But Molina won and became the NZ Ironman’s first champion.



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