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New Zealand Ice Cream


New Zealand Ice Cream

Ice Cream New Zealand

Among the world’s highest consumers of ice cream per capita are New Zealanders.


The nation ranks, along with Australia, either 2nd or 3rd just behind the United States.

New Zealand’s per capita ice cream and similar products consumption is approximately 22-23 liters per year as of December 31, 2006.

This not only testifies to the quality of ice cream manufactured here over the years, but is proof of a selective base of local consumers.


In other words, the people of New Zealand adore their dairy products and most especially love their ice cream.


Therefore, the ice cream industry is very innovative historically and enormously aggressive for its size.

The ice cream industry in New Zealand is also unique in certain aspects.


Take for example the nation’s iconic ice cream flavor “hokey pokey”. The top three flavors of ice cream worldwide are vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate. The hokey pokey in New Zealand is the 2nd most popular after vanilla, followed by chocolate and strawberry.

The quality of dairy products in New Zealand is famous worldwide.

This because of the clean environment, outdoor pasture grazing which is all year-round, a dairy industry which is advanced technologically, and strict standards of hygiene and quality.


The ice cream of New Zealand is produced from the freshest and best available dairy ingredients.
The ice cream of New Zealand is controlled under the JANZFSC (Joint Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code) which too effect in December 2002.


The Joint Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code is administered by the FSANZ (Food Standards Australia New Zealand).


Ice cream is described as a preparation of cream or milk or other products from milk that is frozen and contains no less than 10 percent of milk fat and 168 grams of food solids.

Lower fat products or alternative fat sourced products such as oil from coconuts have separate definitions, such as Low Fat Ice Cream, Reduced Fat Ice Cream, and Frozen Confection. Frozen desserts with unregulated fat content are covered under Ice Confection.

A mixture of a highly competitive and open marketplace, and convenient location from suppliers of the necessary equipment, has aided in raising the ice cream manufacturing expertise to a degree that lets local manufacturers to effectively compete with multinational companies.
The dairy industry manufacturers have provided a situation that benefits the ice cream industry. High quality standards of hygiene, a local industry in dairy products which is strong, and excellent facilities for training have all contributed to the industry’s success.
New Zealand is mostly animal disease free, and the country’s substantial export industries based on agricultural rely on this clean status that is continuously maintained by the country.

New Zealand Ice Cream

The industry of ice cream has been upbeat in creating its own Code of Practice, practicing minimum standards of food safety from farm to shop. This code was developed by both the MOH and the MAF.

Manufacturers of ice cream in New Zealand are determined that they will uphold and build on their status for manufacturing some of the world’s best ice cream.



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