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New Zealand Health Care


New Zealand Health Care

New Zealand Health Care

One of the most popular countries most considered for possible migration is New Zealand. The country is well-known for its spectacular locations, very low crime rate, and very high living standards. These are more than enough cause for thousands of possible expatriates opt to make New Zealand their new home but it is still vital to find out about the country’s system of health care.

New Zealand is a nation located on the Pacific Ocean’s southwestern region. The country is made up of two big islands, specifically the North Island and the South Island, and a large number of other islands that are smaller, the most noteworthy of which are the Stewart and Chatham Islands.
Because of its location geographically, the country of New Zealand is prominent. It is separated from Australia by the Tasman Sea b approximately 2,000 kilometers.


Before finally deciding to migrate to New Zealand, it is vital to find more about the country’s system of health care since it there are many differences from the American and European medical systems, or for that matter, the national health system of the British. It is important to know what is being paid for, what levels of health care are included, and where the medical specialists are located in New Zealand.

One of the first things that you should know is that there are certain levels of care that are offered free under the New Zealand scheme for public healthcare, available to its citizens and to those who have working permits that permit them to provisionally stay in New Zealand.

The hospitals in New Zealand are run publicly and these offices offer free treatment to citizens or permanent residents and are headed by District Health Boards.


Today’s system in New Zealand supports health care financially in health care and acquires its funds from taxes.


Included in these services are free treatments and prescriptions at


government hospitals, free laboratory tests and x-rays when done in public clinics or hospitals, charges are waved for pregnant women, free child dental care for school age kids, and for women aged 50 and above, free breast screenings.

Other services offered for free are subsidized are referral from general practitioners, free treatments for those patients who are suffering from chronic diseases, and sponsored prescriptions for children aged 6 and below.

In addition to these things, it may be worth your attention to give payment every time you see your general practitioner.


Also, if you really are attracted to the thought of living in New Zealand, so much so that you would end up living in a rural area, it is important to know that services for healthcare in these areas are restricted.

Health Care New Zealand

With this in mind, you should know that you may need to drive for quite a distance in order to get basic medical assistance. Since the majority of the specialists in health care are situated in large cities and towns in New Zealand, living in isolated rural areas may not be a good idea.



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