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New Zealand Golf Open


New Zealand Golf Open

Golf Open New Zealand

The leading men’s division golf tournament of New Zealand is the Michael Hill New Zealand Open, which is so-named due to reasons of sponsorship.


It has been played since 2007 near Queenstown at Arrowtown’s The Hills Golf Club., But in 2008, it was not played due to the change of schedule of the open to March from its previous schedule which was in December.
The written history New Zealand golf goes way back as far as 1871. The very first national competition was done in 1893 and the founding of the New Zealand Open was in 1907.


The first New Zealand Open was a 36-hole event which was done at Napier Golf Club and was won by Arthur Duncan, four time amateur champion of New Zealand.

In the tournament of 1908, the competition was extended to holes of 72, and was won by the first noteworthy professional golfer born in New Zealand, J.A. Clements. Because of World War I, no Opens were held from 1915-1918. During the first 20 years, amateurs usually won, but as professionals started to prevail from circa 1930, so the Bledisloe Cup was introduced for leading amateurs in 1934.
Again, because of the war, the event was not held from 1940 to 1945.

Bob Charles, in 1954, won as an amateur of 18 years old. He would later become the only New Zealander to succeed in winning a major tournament in the twentieth century.


He would become victorious again in the 1966, the 1971 and the 1973 Opens as a professional player, and he, along with two Australian major champions, Kel Nagle and Peter Thomson, reigned the tournament from the start of the 1950s to the middle of the 1970s.

Among some of the well known Open winners are the Americans Corey Pavin (1984 and 1985), and Michael Campbell (2000). American sensation Tiger Woods joined the Open in 2002 as a sort of “thank you” to his caddie from New Zealand, Steve Williams. Unfortunately, Woods lost.


His joining the Open sparked a little controversy when the prices of tickets were increased acutely that year.


The Australasia tournament’s PGA Tour, the New Zealand Open was approved for the first time in 2005 by the eminently more esteemed European Tour, which brought about the doubling of the prize amount to one and a half million New Zealand Dollars.

The events of Australasia’s PGA Tour had been co-sanctioned by the European Tour before, but all these tournaments had taken place in Australia, making this one the tour’s very first one held in New Zealand. In The event was moved to November of 2006, assuming its spot on the schedule of the European Tour for the next calendar year.

The event in 2007 was the last to be approved by the European Tour, and with the tourney being reset to March, no New Zealand Open was held during the Australasian Tour of 2008. The tournament of 2009 tournament was supported by the PGA Tour’s official development tour, the Nationwide Tour.

New Zealand Golf Open



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