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New Zealand Gifts

New Zealand Gifts

A major ecological threat to the native forests of New Zealand is the possum.

For more than 10 years, the best and most profitable way to help solve this problem is to sell the wool of possums for clothing and accessories made from possum.

To preserve the native forests of New Zealand, the possum population must be controlled. Efforts to lessen the overwhelming population of possums have been augmented by companies that mix possum fur and merino wool to create plush garments.
Aotearoa or New Zealand is formed by a ritual of Maori culture.


The influences of a melting pot of multi-cultures have given this country a distinct flavor. From its landscape, rich in verdant green forest creating a habitat appropriate for the treasured kiwi. The Pounamu or New Zealand Jade is a natural geo-phenomenon found only in beautiful and mineral rich New Zealand.

Pounamu or "greenstone" comes from New Zealand’s West Coast. Traditionally, the Pounamu were carved into tools or weapons. Nowadays, it is fashioned into decorative ornaments, as pendants and rings encrusted in silver or carved into sculptures. Each type of carving has its own traditional meaning either in a religious sense such as images of Hei Matau and Tiki or to represent an icon such as the kiwi.

The seemingly endless fields and unspoiled land is ideal for the practice of sheep herding which is a major industry in New Zealand.

The finest wool in the world comes from this country.

The sheep variety of New Zealand produces the finest quality wool.

An assortment of boots, slippers, and rugs can be found in most stores all over the country and are even exported globally.


New Zealand wool is used to manufacture these products and processing is usually done in Christchurch.

These good quality wool products are soft and comfortable and are guaranteed to stave off the winter chill.


The most famous native tree of New Zealand is the giant Kauri tree. It is also one of the world’s largest trees. The existing Kauri trees today have an ancestry that dates back to the Permian or Jurassic Period, approximately two hundred thirty million years ago. Kauri trees that are living today have been discovered to be as old as four thousand years old and reaching as high as one hundred and fifty feet and having a girth of sixty feet.


The wood from these majestic Kauri trees was exceedingly dear and most was shipped to countries of Europe. New Zealand legislation today prohibits the chopping down of any living Kauri tree.

An enormous natural disaster which happened thousands of years ago resulted in many Kauri forests to be wiped out and the precious trees to be swallowed by swamps. The wood discovered was preserved perfectly and carbon dating has shown that a number of them have been submerged for more than fifty thousand years.


Entrepreneurs of New Zealand extract the large logs and stumps of Kauri trees from the swamps in the area of Northland where vast Kauri forests once existed.


These extraordinary stumps and logs house wood that is breathtaking in form and color. Sculptors breathe life into these ancient relics by creating a wide range of handcrafted ornaments from them. Clocks, frames, mirrors, etc. are just some of the few products that are made from this majestic wood.



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