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New Zealand Food


New Zealand Food

New Zealand Food

Inspired by Asian, European, and Polynesian in cuisine, the best way to describe the food in New Zealand is “Pacific Rim”.

The amalgamation of all these influences has produced a delectable array of food and flavors in restaurants and cafes in the entire country.

For distinctly New Zealnd-style dishes, there's pork, lamb, and venison (cervena), lobster (crayfish), salmon, , Bluff oysters, abalone (paua), scallops, mussels, two types of New Zealand shellfish called tuatua and pipis, sweet potato (kumara), pavlova and tamarillo (New Zealand’s national dessert), and of course, kiwifruit.


The manner in which New Zealanders partake of their food gives the cuisine its distinct quality. In true Kiwi fashion, which is generally laidback, they prefer to eat in an unaffected and relaxed manner.

During summer, many New Zealander’s prefer to eat al fresco at cafes or barbecues.

Actually, barbecues play a large part in the culture of the Kiwi culture.


It typifies the nature of most New Zealanders which is generally laidback. Served generously are venison or cervena, lamb, lobster or crayfish, shellfish, and fresh fish.
New Zealanders are notoriously spoilt for their abundance of fresh produce. Just choose a world class chardonnay or sauvignon blanc from any one of the nation's over three hundred wineries and you’re all set for an enjoyable feast.


For authentic Maori cuisine, the traditional smoky-flavored “hangi” is a must-taste delicacy. The hangi is cooked in a makeshift oven under the ground.


First, they dig a deep hole, line it with really hot stones and then cover it with vegetation. The ingredients, pork, chicken, potatoes, lamb, kumara or sweet potato, and other vegetables are then positioned on top. The entire oven is then sprinkled with water and more vegetation is added to seal it. Finally, the hole is filled with earth and is then allowed to steam for many hours.

Usually cooked during special occasions, the hangi is traditionally prepared with the men digging and readying the hole while the women prepare the ingredients that will be put into it. All members of the whanau (family) help in preparing the feast. The atmosphere of the occasion is friendly, relaxed and fun, with the food prepared often eaten under a tent. Lots of tourist locations, even those in the North Island’s Rotorua, prepare hangis for visitors or groups of.
Though not a very healthy delicacy, fish and chips are still integral to the New Zealand gastronomic experience and would be incomplete without it. This traditional take-away meal of New Zealand is still served wrapped in paper.

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For the adventurous and outgoing visitors who are open to trying anything, the Wildfoods Festival is a must-see. Anything extreme and unusual (by western standards anyway) is on the catalog of things to experience.

The Wildfoods Festival is held annually in Hokitika. This festival is geared towards celebrating New Zealand’s native wild foods. Locals and visitors from and to New Zealand arrive at Hokitika each year to join in this celebration of gastronomic adventure. The Wildfoods Festival has won several accolades and awards due to its popularity.



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