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New Zealand Flag


New Zealand Flag

New Zealand Flag

The symbol of the government and citizens of New Zealand is the New Zealand Flag.


Its background in royal blue reminds one of the clear sky and blue sea which surrounds the country.

The Southern Cross stars emphasize the location of the country in the South Pacific Ocean.


The Union Flag signifies the country’s historic past and also serves as a reminder of the fact that New Zealand had once been a dominion and colony of the British.

The flag of New Zealand Flag may be flown any time of the year. It is appropriate to have it flown particularly on special national holidays, for instance, Anzac Day or other significant occasions.
The flag of New Zealand, since it is a national New Zealand symbol, should be handled in a manner appropriate to its important status. Headed by the Ministry of Culture and Heritage, the 1981 Flags, Emblems, and Names Protection Act 1981, protects and defines the Flag. Stated in the Act is prosecution power to those who abuse it.

Featured on the 1st quarter of the New Zealand Flag is the Union Jack and on the fly are the Southern Cross’ four 5-pointed red stars set against a background of royal blue. White borders surround the stars.
The June 27, 1902 notice from the New Zealand Gazette, gave the subsequent technical description of the stars and their locations on the New Zealand Flag: The middle of the stars making up the cross’ long limb shall be the fly’s vertical line, halfway between the fly’s outer edge and the Union Jack, and should be of equal distance from its lower and upper edges. The centers of the stars should be the equivalent of 36/60th distance apart from the ensign’s hoist. The middle of the stars making up the cross’ short limb should be located on an intersecting-

-line across the vertical limb at an 82 degree angle, and rising from the Union Jack’s lower fly corner going to the ensign’s upper fly corner, its intersection point across the vertical line which is away from the uppermost star’s centre of the cross 12/60th of the ensign’s hoist. The center of the star’s distance closest to the fly’s outer edge the intersection point should be equal to 12/60th of the ensign’s hoist, and the center of the star’s distance closest to the Union Jack from the intersection point should be equivalent to 14/60th of the ensign’s hoist. The star closest to the ensign’s fly edge should be 5/60th, the star on top of the cross and the one closest to the Union Jack should each be 6/60th, and the star located at the cross’ bottom should be 7/60th of the ensign’s hoist across their corresponding red points, and the white borders’ width


to the many stars shall, in all instances, be equivalent to 1/120th of the ensign’s hoist of the ensign. Although the flag of New Zealand may be created in any size, in all cases, the width should be half its length.



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