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New Zealand Fishing

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By international standards, the North Island's central region winter trout is quite impressive and New Zealanders don't fully appreciate how lucky they are to have it at their very own backyard.

For many, Taupo and Rotorua is only a few hours travel and is within easy access for a weekend of fishing.

Fortunately, the most popular spots for fishing spots are very near major towns that provide all the necessary comforts needed after some hours spent battling and catching giant trout. Taupo, Rotorua, and Turangi have several motels, hotels, and cabins or motor camps and all the conveniences deemed necessary in such tourist areas.

The Eastern Region Fish and Game Council’s big fish program has been a spectacular success, and from all over the world anglers arrive to try their luck at catching a double figure trout.


Prime areas to fish are at Lake Tarawera, Lake Rotoiti, and Lake Okatina and you must know that only certain areas of these lakes allow angling during winter so it pays to be aware of the rules.

Lake Rotoiti is fished mostly at Ruato Bay. Ruato Bay is a beach located on the main road’s side just between Whakatane and Rotorua.

Most anglers prefer to fish at this beach during the night since it is quite shallow and the fish have a tendency to stay in deeper water until this time.


Such is not always the case, sometimes mid-day is the best time to try to fish for the best catches. A good location is at the small streams’ mouth where the water flows through towards the northern side of the beach.

There are also fishing devotees who have their annual pilgrimage at Lake Tarawera at the mouth of the stream of Te Wairoa or a short distance from the beach just right in front of the car park.


Some of these anglers fish off their boat jetties and still others prefer to walk the short distance to the left until they arrive at the mouth of yet another stream called the Orchard.

Catching a big double figure trout at Lake Rotoiti is pretty high.


A large majority of fly fishers who go to Lake Tarawera employ sinking lines and flies of the type that glow.


But several old fashioned patter types such as the Scotch poacher, Craigs Night'n'time, hairy dog and many more still do the trick just as before.

Lake Taupo is a special place to catch fish for many anglers. Each year, many of them make at least one major fishing trip here to practice their skills and try their luck at catching the migrating steelhead trout.

New Zealand Fishing

A great number of these fish swim the many rivers spilling into the lake with the famous Tongariro River at the southern end. The Tongariro River is famous worldwide, earning a reputation through the great number of big silver trout that challenge every angler.

Turangi boasts a large number of hotels and motels, as well as fishing guides and tackle shops, and restaurants, all meant to cater to the needs of visiting anglers who make up a major sources of revenue for this little town.



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