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The MFAT (The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade) is in charge of promoting and protecting the interests of New Zealand overseas.

In tandem with its network of overseas posts, the Ministry works mainly with foreign governments on political, security, trade, travel and other issues affecting the wellbeing of New Zealanders.
For overseas effectiveness, the Ministry requires good ties with sector organizations and other New Zealand groups with trade and foreign policy interests. The Ministry is aided by the Auckland Office to develop better and stronger connections in the country’s largest city and business capital.


By minimizing barriers to trade access, the Ministry welcomes in foreign trade. It protects and negotiates rules of access for New Zealand services and goods in markets overseas, analyzes political and economic conditions and represents the interests of New Zealand.

Having aided in opening the doors, the MFAT works intimately with other organizations and agencies that aid New Zealand in going through them. To illustrate this, the New Zealand Trade and Enterprise supplies the expertise, support, and contacts to help exporters in expanding their overseas operations.

The Auckland Office of the Ministry deals with organizations in the metropolis that have trade and foreign policies interests.

It supports and supplements their collaboration with the Ministry on trade and foreign development of policies which influence them.

This may include giving advice, establishing connections, or conducting specialized conferences with ambassadors visiting New Zealand, foreign delegations, and negotiators of trade.

Aside from responding to requests for information, the Auckland Office looks for openings to build awareness of the State’s trade and foreign policy priorities. It accomplishes this task by maintaining communications with several key sectors.


The Auckland Office coordinates with a range of Auckland interests which includes business groups (particularly those with interests in policies of trade and other issues of access), local government and similar agencies for economics,


Asian, Pacific, and other communities included in regional links and issues, educational institutions with economic and academic relations abroad, communications organizations (including internet and media users), other Auckland government agencies with responsibilities relevant to the Ministry’s work, consular corps representatives (particularly those striving to strengthen links among the nations they represent and the region of Auckland).

The MFAT’s regional divisions manage New Zealand's consensual relations with the nations within their areas of responsibility. They keep an eye on economic, political, trade, security and defense developments in those nations. Information provided by the diplomatic outposts of New Zealand to the concerned Wellington regional division provides the foundation for advice on policies to the State on bilateral relations with those nations.

The divisions include the ones in the Americas, Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Pacific. There are special relations units in Niue and Tokelau.

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The MFAT’s functional divisions have purposeful responsibilities which span the regions and also administer to the Ministry’s role in key regional and multilateral organizations. These functional divisions are the Trade Negotiations, MFAT Auckland Office, International Security and Disarmament, Legal, Trade Policy Liaison Unit, Environment and Antarctic Policy Unit, Maori Policy Unit, United Nations, Human Rights and Commonwealth Division, Knowledge Services, Economic, Consular, Protocol, and Public Diplomacy and Outreach.



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