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New Zealand Culture

New Zealand Culture

The culture in New Zealand is very dynamic and unique. The indigenous people of the country, the Maori, have a culture that affects the arts, language, as well as the accents of all the people of New Zealand. Their position in the South Pacific and their affection for the outdoors, arts, and sports make the culture of New Zealanders truly unique from the rest of the world.
Today’s New Zealanders are mostly highly educated and sophisticated city dwellers. The majority of New Zealanders embrace the culture and technology of the 21st century because they are part of a vibrant and unique society of several cultures.


And yet, New Zealanders have a heritage characterized by hardy individualism yet quiet demeanor, ingenious inventiveness, and self reliance. All these qualities are still seen today, even in these modern times.


Although the population in New Zealand is diverse, there are some qualities in each culture that bind it together making it a truly unique blend of what is uniquely New Zealand. Its relatively isolated location in the South Pacific and rugged, uneven landscapes still affect many New Zealanders and keep them independent, quiet, self-reliant, resourceful, and ingenuous in a “Kiwi” way.

More than 400 years ago, long before Columbus and the European scramble for supremacy over land and sea, at a time when sailors were still afraid that they would fall off the edge of the earth, the ancient Maori had already traveled in small canoes thousands of miles across the vast Pacific Ocean. They developed their own system of navigation employing the currents and stars in order to get to what is now known as New Zealand.

Pioneers of New Zealand from Europe were also independent, brave, and rugged. Prior to establishing settlements and farms, they first had to make the land ready by clearing it. This was a painstaking and often dangerous endeavor.

The early settlers on New Zealand had to be multi-skilled and hardy because they were isolated from the rest of the world and were exposed to nature. This ingenuity and resourcefulness has greatly affected the character of the people in New Zealand.

These exact qualities are still seen, even to this day, in the new immigrants building their lives in the nation. A new generation of young Kiwi corporate types, film makers, makers of computer software, sportsmen and women, and fashion designers are making waves across the globe.


Even before the atom was split by Sir Ernest Rutherford in the early 20th century, Kiwis were already busy inventing and discovering things. Several of these inventions had actually been developed and created in backyards.
New Zealand’s low density in population and its spectacular scenery have resulted in the majority of New Zealanders appreciating deeply the beauty of their surroundings and engender in their hearts a true love for the outdoors.

New Zealanders enjoy mountaineering, hiking, and kayaking as well as exploring beaches and the bush (a large patch of land uncultivated and unsettled). Bungee jumping, a New Zealand invention, is also a great way to experience the vastness of the New Zealand landscape.



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