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New Zealand Consulate

New Zealand Consulate

The MFAT (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade) in New Zealand is the country’s leading negotiator and advisor on trade and foreign policies such as consular and diplomatic matters.


Through the NZAID (New Zealand Agency for International Development), it also functions as the prime adviser on development assistance matters.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade also gives legal advice on issues of international nature. In matters of international concern, it is the Government’s legal channel for communication to and from other nations and international organizations.


Though its consular and diplomatic service, the Ministry is tasked by the Government to ensure that the voice of New Zealand is heard globally, that the economic and security and interests of New Zealanders are protected and advanced, that they contribute to poverty eradication globally, and that the safety and rights of New Zealanders outside the homeland are protected.

The primary role of the Ministry is to understand and recognize trends, risks, and opportunities that affect New Zealand, and make suggestions or recommendations to the Government on the best ways to advance and protect the well-being and interests of New Zealand. The Government, in this way, contributes to the overall goal of turning New Zealand into a vibrant, knowledge-based society and economy, strengthened by the values of opportunity, fairness, and security for everyone. During its yearly Statement of Intent, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade evaluates the global setting in which the New Zealand carries out its external policies.


It looks for prevailing trends and key movers and shakers for change, seeking to recognize risks and opportunities that may affect the country’s trade and foreign policy objectives. The Statement then sets out the broad initiatives which the Ministry plans to pursue over the medium term to achieve its goals.

The nature of present-day challenges are increasingly beyond boundaries, whether or not these are brought on by the economic needs of globalization, terrorism driven by ideology, mass destruction weapons increase, demands on energy resources and worldwide natural energy, abuses of human rights, extreme poverty, or threats posed y regions of failing or failed governments. These factors are putting a large amount of pressure on all nations, even New Zealand, to be better equipped and more active globally for today’s fast changing and uncertain world.

Advancing and protecting the interests of New Zealand requires the nation to sustain and develop relationships with other foreign states and organizations so that it can exert and build influence on these nations to accommodate their interests in the actions they take.


The MFAT does this through persuasions, presence, and negotiation.

New Zealand’s resources involve an international network of over fifty overseas consulates with legal accreditations to over a hundred countries and many global organizations. Over seven hundred New Zealanders and more than three hundred overseas workers are employed by the Ministry in the city of Wellington or outside the nation, with administrative, policy, and specialist skills geared towards delivering and developing specific goals and interventions to pursue the interests of New Zealand.



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