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New Zealand Cities


New Zealand Cities

The cities in New Zealand are considered small by world standards in terms of population, but they do have all the convenience considered essential in cities. What’s more, cities in New Zealand have low crime rates and pollution is virtually non-existent, things which cannot be said of larger cities in the world.

Compared to big international cities, the cities in New Zealand are friendly and safe, even though the restaurants, night life, art, and theatre are just as varied and lively as those found elsewhere. Another big factor is that the cities in New Zealand are mostly set in locations with breathtaking natural settings such as the hills, coast, mountains, and volcanoes.


New Zealand’s biggest city is Auckland, and its capital city is Wellington, the 3rd biggest city in the country. These two cities are located on North Island, the more populous island. Christchurch is New Zealand’s 2nd biggest city and it is located on the South Island. Approximately six hundred towns in the country are located in rural parts.


Known as the City of Sails, Auckland boasts of more boats per person than anywhere else in the world. Auckland City has hosted two Americas Cup events and fans can wine and dine at any of the several world-class cafes, restaurants, and bars along the edge of the harbour that cater to the city’s dining and yachting culture.

The North Shore of Auckland has several great beaches and is also considered to be one of the more ideal places to reside. Located conveniently close to the rugged beaches of the west coast is West Auckland, home to some of the most beautiful suburbs bordered by Waitakere Ranges’ dense forests.

South Auckland has some areas dedicated to industrial activities near the airport. It also has some and sprawling suburban parts such as Manukau City which has been swamped by the sprawling population of Auckland’s suburbia. A great source of pride for the City of Wellington is the fact that it is an arts and culture center, and boats of several high-class cafes and restaurants. The heart of the city is lively and has a wide array of night life, shopping, and entertainment.


The waterfront of Wellington also has much to offer for enjoyment purposes such as parks and shops. There is also the Te Papa, the National Museum of New Zealand. Te Papa is reputed to be an impressive maze of New Zealand attractions. Exhibits range from traditional displays to digitized and interactive ones that both entertain and educate.

Called the “Windy City”, Wellington is often hit by winds with a speed of over a hundred kilometers per hour or sometimes even more that that. These windy events happen during the winter and spring seasons. Sunny days come with summer and the winds lessen in the city.

Known as the “Garden City”, Christchurch is famous worldwide for its large parks and public garden which are well established. The city owes much to its founding fathers for their foresight in planning the city.



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