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New Zealand Bungee


New Zealand Bungee

No other sport in the world offers minimal risk to the participant yet offers the same extreme adrenalin rush as bungee jumping.

There is simply is nothing to top bungee jumping. The game is completely in your mind. The sudden rush of air and adrenalin are part and parcel of the extreme sport experience that can stay with you for days.

The origins of bungee jumping can be traced back to island of Vanuatu.


In order to secure a good harvest and to appease the gods, islanders would annually jump 35 meters off a cliff with only vines tied to their ankles.


Seeing this act of sheer abandon inspired the Oxford University Dangerous Sports Club in the 1970s to experiment with elastic cords and try out the stunt themselves.


A documentation video of this experiment led to the invention of the sport by two business-minded Kiwis, AJ. Hackett and Henry Van Asch, who took the idea a step further and started the first commercially known bungee jump. This is why New Zealand is also nicknamed “Bungyland”.


Even though bungee jumping appears to be a foolhardy and devil-may-care activity, a strict safety code of practice is rigorously followed in New Zealand keeping bungee jumping a relatively hazard-free adventure sport in the country.


The lifestyle of outdoor Kiwis is best exemplified by bungee jumping. The birthplace of bungee jumping, New Zealand has some of the world’s best sites to jump.

Five jump sites are located in Queenstown as a place to go Parabungy diving. Parabungy entails a rise to a really great height using a parachute then hurtling down to earth in an awe-inspiring free fall.


Australia’s Auckland offers the Harbour Bridge bungee and the jump from the Sky Tower.


Other bungee sites are located in Taupo, Rotorua, Mangaweka, Mt Hutt Ski Field, and Hanmer Springs.


A close relative of bungee jumping is bridge swinging and it can be found at a few bungee sites.

After falling from a great height, participants are subjected to a really fast swinging action while tied with a cable.


The bungee rocket, another close relation, requires that you be shot out in a tandem capsule then end up bouncing around like a yoyo since you will be suspended from a string.

Bungee jumping is really different from any other outdoor sport invented by man and it best exemplifies the essence of outdoor Kiwi life. Jump sites have can range from 35 to 134 meters high.

A strong rubber cord made of latex is secured either on a harness that wraps around the whole body or just the participant’s ankles.This procedure is undertaken by the operations crew of the bungee site. The participant then hobbles to the platform’s edge and takes a deep breath before swan diving into space. The free fall terminates when the cord is stretched to its full capacity.

New Zealand Bungee Jumping

In bungee sites wherein there is water below, the participant can opt to “water touch” or “splash down” and can subsequently be fetched by a boat. In bungee sites over land, participants are pulled back up the diving area.



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