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New Zealand Beer

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New Zealand beer is mostly predominantly pale lager. Export Gold, Tui, and Speight’s are the main brands of New Zealand that are available everywhere in the country.


There are approximately 50 small-scale brewpubs and breweries in the country that produce a variety of beer styles. Lion Nathan, which produces 51% of all beer sold and consumed in the country is the leading brewery in New Zealand.


Next is DB Breweries which produces the rest of it. These two breweries control about 90% of New Zealand’s sale of beer.

The very first beer produced in New Zealand was ordered by the British explorer Captain James Cook. It was his belief that this beverage would help combat scurvy, a common disease of sailors at the time.


In Fiordland on Dusky Sound’s Resolution Island in March 27, 1773 (a Saturday), the very first beer was brewed in New Zealand.

The ingredients of New Zealand’s first beer were wort, with molasses, and rimu leaves and bark.


In James Cooks’ Volume 1 of “A Voyage Towards the South Pole and Round the World”, he wrote about the very first brewery in New Zealand that sold beer commercially.


He goes on to say that he had extensive knowledge of the black-spruce and that he surmised that adding a condensed form of wart juice and molasses will make the beer more wholesome, and that this addition would make up for the lack of vegetables normally added to this beverage. He was proven right in his hunch.


Immigration of Europeans in the 19th Century, specifically that of the British to New Zealand has resulted in a tradition of brewing which is as much an institution as settlement Europeans.


Lion Nathan, which takes on 51% of the beer drinking market, and DB Breweries, which takes 39% of said market, are the two most popular breweries in New Zealand.

They control between them in sales, almost 90% of the country’s total volume.

The declining demand for economy and standard products in New Zealand has resulted in the once very popular type of beer in terms of sales volume, the pale lager, towards a trend downhill.

New Zealand Beer

Today, Lion Nathan is listed publicly as an Australasian hard drinks company controlled by the Japanese, although it still operates within New Zealand and Australia. On September 17, 2009, however, the shareholders of Lion Nathan voted overwhelmingly to acquiesce to an offer for total takeover by Kirin. Pending approval by the court, the takeover will take place on October 21 of the same year.


Founded in 1930, DB Breweries is a brewing corporation in New Zealand started by Sir Henry Kelliher with the take-over of Otahuhu’s Waitemata Brewery Co. and that of Levers and Co. The main product of the company is pale lager. Due partly to advertising, the company’s TUI brand is one New Zealand’s better-known beers.



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