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New Zealand Bed and Breakfast


New Zealand Bed and Breakfast

Well-known for their hospitality, the best place to really get to know New Zealanders is in their own home. This immersion is possible if you stay at any of the bed and breakfasts that are located virtually in every city and countryside.

Accommodations such as bed and breakfasts in New Zealand are often in family homes, although there are some that have an annex or cottage available just outside the actual house.


Facilities such as bathrooms in bed and breakfast accommodations can be shared or private, depending on the set up.

New Zealand Bed and Breakfast

Guests of bed and breakfast may share meals which are home-cooked with their host. The cost of breakfast is usually covered in the tariff, but dinner may also be included by special arrangement at an added cost. New Zealand guest house accommodations are often in a renovated older building. It is important to take note that breakfast is not always included in the guest house room rate and it would be good to make this point clear from the onset.

Country and farm stays offer travelers the chance to really experience rural life.


The range of New Zealand bed and breakfasts is wide and varied with different levels of cost suited to your budget.


There is of course the typical bed and breakfast accommodation wherein guests can stay in the owner’s private home but are given their own separate bathrooms and lounge. There are usually 2 to 4 rooms available.

There are bed and breakfast hotels that are usually located in larger properties and may even have some features of your typical hotel, only the atmosphere is cozier.


Bed and Breakfast Inns are housed in even larger buildings and usually have up to four or more rooms (bathrooms are ensuite) and there are more facilities and features available and hospitality is more personal.

Bed and Breakfast accommodations in boutiques, hotels, and lodges come in every shape and size and give more in terms of panache, décor, ambience.

Generally luxury accommodation with superb facilities, a bar available, and full dining facilities in a beautiful natural setting.
Farmstays and Homestays usually accommodate guests in their own private farms or homes. Guests share and enjoy the features of the owner’s home. These types of accommodations usually have 1-2 rooms for guests.

For a chance to enjoy life in the country, country homes are the best choice. Bathrooms here are usually ensuite and other features and facilities are made available to guests. Hospitality in this type of b and b is usually very personal.

Bed and Breakfast New Zealand

Historic Homes have an elegant charm to it not found in the other types of bed and breakfast accommodations. The historical value of the architecture is also something not to be missed, especially when visiting New Zealand for the first time.

Self-contained cottages can be found on farms or on the premises of the bed and breakfast. Apartments, studios, standalone cottages are usually available in more urban parts of the country. You can still opt for breakfast being provided you or you can forego it.



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