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New Zealand Banks


New Zealand Banks

Currently there are 19 banks in New Zealand that are registered. The Reserve Bank of New Zealand is the central bank of all banks operating in the country and they must all be registered to it. All registered banks are required by the state to report their financial condition every quarter of the year.

These registered banks are the ANZ National Bank Limited, ASB Bank Limited, Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited, Bank of Baroda (New Zealand) Limited, Bank of New Zealand, Citibank N A, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Deutsche Bank A G, JPMorgan Chase Bank NA, Kiwibank Limited, Kookmin Bank, Rabobank Nederland, Rabobank New Zealand Limited, Southland Building Society,

The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, TSB Bank Limited Westpac Banking Corporation, and the Westpac New Zealand Limited.
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The government of New Zealand completely owns the Reserve Bank and this institution has no shareholders. The Crown or government account is entitled to revenue which the Reserve Bank earns. Although the Reserve Bank is not a state department, it is a corporate body whose assets are incorporated in the Crown accounts.

Accountability and transparency of the Reserve Bank (RBNZ) can be obtained in the Bank’s publications under PDF 422KB, in the RSNZ Act 1989 which clearly states the institution’s accountability to the local citizens of New Zealand. A copy of the Reserve Bank Act 1989 and its amendments can be obtained at the New Zealand Legislation website.

A free copy of RBNZ’s Annual Report can be obtained at the Reserve Bank’s Knowledge Centre. It can also be read online at the Reserve Bank’s Knowledge Centre’s website. To gain more knowledge on the Kiwi Bonds, you can contact the Computershare Investor Services at the Auckland Private Bag 92119 at telephone number 0800 655 494 or fax all enquiries at 09 488 8775 or simply e-mail them at enquiry@computershare.co.nz .


Interest rates for Kiwi Bonds are determined by the New Zealand Debt Management Office at their official website. The Reserve Bank of New Zealand had previously been tasked to handle Kiwi Bonds but this ended on December 20, 2004.


Private citizens and corporations are not allowed to invest money in the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. However, other institutions of the government of New Zealand allow investment in securities. These institutions are New Zealand dollar dominated and are offered by the state. Financial advisors and stockbrokers should have the proper information on how to go about this.

All information and publications on the Reserve Bank’s official website can be reproduced and re-published without restriction from said institution. However, some acknowledgement as to the source of the information would be very welcome.

New Zealand Banks

Information on New Zealand’s payment of balances can be garnered from the Statistics New Zealand.

Their official website has all the necessary information readily available for public viewing on the NZ’s balance payments.

New Zealand’s credit rating can be accessed at the New Zealand Debt Management Office website.
It is here that New Zealand’s debt market info as well as its rating in foreign currency can be obtained.



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