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New Zealand Bands


New Zealand Bands

Because of its near isolated condition, New Zealand rock bands didn’t really take off until the 1960s. This was when the so-called “British Invasion” (headed by the Beatles) hit the island shores and influenced New Zealand’s musicians. A large number of “garage bands” or “backyard bands” were formed, all of which with performing styles of seemingly boundless energy.

Even though only a few became globally or even locally famous, these bands served as catalysts to bring to life a quite considerable national music scene involving fans and musicians. A large part of their music has been compiled for the Wild Things collections by John Baker.

The best known New Zealander contribution to the pop music world is that of Richard O’Brien’s musical the Rocky Horror Show which was first performed on the London stage in 1973.

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A mainstream sound which was more hard rock had developed in the early 1970s in new Zealand. Bands like Space Farm, Hello Sailor, Billy T.K.’s Human Instinct, Dragon, and Living Force are examples of this movement in NZ music.


The size of New Zealand meant that the majority of the more mainstream and prominent bands in the country found the bulk of their audience in Australia.

The most prominent of these is the band founded in the early 70s by Phil Judd and Tim Finn called Split Enz.


When Neil Finn, the younger brother of Tim, joined the band after Judd left it, the style became more accessible and they produced much more big hots. When Split Enz “split up”, the Crowded House was Neil Finn’s next big project.


The OMC, an Otara, Auckland group in the middle of the 90s had a big global hit called “How Bizarre”. This song, even today, is noted for the production of its beats-and-acoustic-guitar. The single sold more 35,000 copies locally, which meant three and a half times platinum and which figure has not been exceeded as of 2008 in New Zealand.

In the wake of global trends, the independent rock scene in New Zealand became increasingly famous in the 1990s until the early years of 2000. Auckland, Christchurch, and Dunedin are among modern New Zealand’s most active cities in the independent scene. Soulseller, Tiger Tones, The Brunettes, The Shocking Pinks, Pig Out, Stomp Box, and The Mint Chicks are the current important bands in the country.

Flight of the Concords, a New Zealand comedy band recently rose to popularity and they became a no.1 hit in the country and had an impressive fan base in the United States which made them very famous and popular.


The beginnings of hip hop in New Zealand rose from certain influences as The Warriors, a 1979 gangster flick in the US, and the immense popularity of breakdancing, both of which came from the Big Apple, the city of New York. One of the 5 elements of the hip hop movement is breakdancing.

New Zealand Rock Bands

A new form of hip hop called Roots started in the 21st century. A combination of reggae, electronica, and dub music, Roots has a strong grip on the Wellington music scene.



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