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New Zealand Backpacking


New Zealand Backpacking

New Zealand Backpacking

Backpacking is the ideal way to explore the beautiful country of New Zealand. This means of travel is fast gaining popularity among tourists because of the spectacular views and convenient accommodations and wide range of activities available, from adventurous and exhilarating to sedate and peaceful.

The country of New Zealand is an ideal place to explore while backpacking. The country is compact and the scenery changes between towns and cities. It is very easy to make your way around and the choices of routes, accommodations, and activities available are as varied as the New Zealand birds.


Transportation is as flexible as you could wish it to be. New Zealand roads are well maintained, it is almost impossible to lose your way, there is very little traffic and there are lots of places to take a break or have a picnic. Rented cars and campervans are popular choices for travel.

Campervans are cost-effective and great fun for those traveling in groups. The usual scenario is travelers hire a vehicle in the North Island then let go of it in the South Island.


Rental companies give great relocation rates, usually from the South Island to the North Island.

New Zealand’s local flight service is ideal for those who want to go around the country as fast as possible.


Plane flights are surprisingly affordable and online booking even lowers the fare significantly as well as makes booking simpler and more convenient. The most affordable way to experience New Zealand is through air travel.


Yet traditionally, the backpacker’s main mode of transportation is the bus. New Zealand has Flexi Passes available for by the hour travel on the Intercity buses on the nationwide network. There is also the Travelpass which will get you from one location to another but you have the option to get on or off as you please.

Kiwi Experience and Magic Travellers Network buses take you away from the main routes while at the same time allowing you to get on and off as you wish. TranzCoastal and TranzAlpine are Magic Bus companies that enable you to take in a journey by train. The wildest and most untamed parts of the South Island can be seen while traveling on the Bottom Bus, a small operation of public buses.

Backpacking in New Zealand

Choices available are as unlimited as possible, even the type of accommodations for every type of traveler. From simple style hostels to private rooms with built-in bathrooms varying from single to family rooms are available to backpack travelers.

Even the hostels have virtually unlimited styles to choose from. Some are lively, vibrant places, others are quiet and peaceful. Still others have every luxury deemed necessary for modern living while others are as basic as can be. Several have internet access, entertainment lounges, and do-it-yourself kitchens. Hostels are located in prime areas in the center of large cities or in verdant national facilities such as parks.


Hostels are an ideal place to make new friends and get free information from fellow travelers. These places also have great travel centers and booking facilities.



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