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New Zealand Army


New Zealand Army

The New Zealand army’s unique culture has been influenced and formed by vast array of influences which are complementary in nature. These involve the British soldier’s martial characteristics and traditions and that of the brave Maori warrior.


All these coupled with New Zealand’s history, heritage, experience of war, and the general characteristics of society make up the character of the New Zealand Army.

The culture of New Zealand helps form and fuel espirit de corps. This gives New Zealand a sense of belonging as New Zealanders and more so as New Zealand soldiers. This spirit also dictates their doctrinal operations approach.

Army New Zealand

The “Tribe of the God of Way” (the New Zealand Army) or Ngati Tumatauenga in Maori recognizes that the Army is a family of people gathered together by the ideal of service to the country, the military profession, to common values, to mutual respect, to mutual trust, and to brotherhood. As one nation they are a tribe.

Unity and oneness are reflected in Ngati Tumatauenga. This is key to the development of the New Zealand military ceremonies and cultural practices as guided by Tikanga Maori and that of British and European customs.

Even tough the New Zealand Army is just 150 years old, its history is rich and unique. From a small, ill-equipped, badly organized, army of untrained men whose concerns were mainly to protect small and isolated hamlets, the New Zealand Army has evolved into a professional, integrated force of Regular and Territorial units strengthening the stability and safety of the South Pacific.

Aside from its task as operational support deployments overseas, the New Zealand Army has many other functions within the homeland.

They are also tasked to provide the country with the disposal of bombs expertise.


Current technology has made it possible to use robotic equipment that can perform the task of disposals. In most cases, even extricate people from a possibly dangerous area. The NZDF (New Zealand Defence Force) bomb disposal experts are taken from the Air Force, Army, and Navy. They are grouped into teams that are on call 24 hours each day, 7 days each week and are trained to response promptly to emergencies.

Assistance may also be requested by the police to cover certain responsibilities normally associated with local law enforcement such as crime scene investigation and search and rescue operation. But assistance can also be rendered by the police to the army such as aiding in certain training exercises, such as Army vehicle checkpoint drills, to lend more realism to the exercise and maybe even give some advice on proper procedures.
New Zealand Army

Civil emergency assistance is what the New Zealand Army is well known for. The Army supports or aids civil authorities in matters of security, transport, search and rescue, and providing basic supplies and shelter.

The New Zealand Army also assists in local community events and development by helping build bush tracks or provide cooks at major hui.


This sort of assistance is normally provided on a basis of “labor only” since all costs of material are shouldered by the group asking for help.



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