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New Zealand Airports


New Zealand Airports

The global and local network of airports in New Zealand is comprehensive.
Although the largest amount of international departures and arrivals are in Auckland Airport, other airports such as those in Dunedin, Wellington, Hamilton, Christchurch, Queenstown, Palmerston North also get flights coming from other countries.

The strategic positioning of domestic airports make it possible to access every part of the nation, from the far north’s Kaitaia Airport to Stewart Island’s Ryan’s Creek Aerodrome. Facilities of airport differ depending on the size of the area’s population.

Airports in New Zealand

Located just 20 km. south of Auckland’s center, the Auckland International Airport is found in the Mangere suburb. It is the busiest and largest New Zealand airport. There are separate terminal buildings for international and domestic flights.

15 km. south of Hamilton City center is the Hamilton International Airport. It ranks as the 4th largest airport in New Zealand. Sunair and Air New Zealand operate domestic journeys into and out of Hamilton. Hamilton’s Pacific Blue flies 6 times a week into and from Australia in both Brisbane and Sydney.


In the Rongotai suburb, a mere 8 km. southeast of Wellington’s downtown is the Wellington International Airport.

This airport’s flight journeys to and from four Australian key cities: Gold Coast, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney. It also has fights to and from the Fiji Islands.


Qantas, Air New Zealand, Sounds Air, Air West Coast, and Air2there provide domestic flights. Northwest of Christchurch City’s center, just 12 km. away is the Christchurch International Airport.


It is the busiest airport of South Island.


Flights bound overseas operate to and from different key cities of Australia: Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and the Gold Coast as well as Singapore, Seoul, and Fiji from the months of June to October and Rarotonga. Quantas and Air New Zealand operate domestic flights.


Very close to the city’s town center is the Queenstown Airport in Frankton suburb. Three key cities in Australia are served: Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne. Quantas and Air New Zealand take care of domestic flights.

Approximately 30 km. south of the town’s center near Mosgiel is the Dunedin International Airport. Freedom Air handles overseas flights to two key cities in Australia: Sydney and Brisbane. Air New Zealand is responsible for domestic flights to and from Dunedin.


A passport that will not expire for at least 3 months after your scheduled departure date is necessary when you get to New Zealand.
New Zealand Airport

In some cases, a visa may be necessary, depending on where you came from.
Unlike in other countries in the world, New Zealand is virtually free of many plant diseases, insect pests, and animal infections. The government puts a lot of effort into minimizing the possibility of any these coming into the country. Visitors to New Zealand are therefore advised to follow the laws of the country.

This means you must dispose of or declare goods that are considered high contamination risk upon arrival at the country’s international borders.


This is important as you may have brought things with you that might be carrying diseases or pests. These foreign contaminants may cause New Zealand’s economy and environment damages amounting to millions of dollars. Incorrect declaration may incur fines that you will be required to pay.



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