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New Zealand Air


Operational in New Zealand and all over the world, New Zealand Airways provides its clients and corporate partners an unsurpassed depth of professionalism as a complete commercial service provider for Air Navigation, supported by a history of 20 years of proud service of safe and dependable operational working effectiveness delivered by well-trained and veteran professionals.
One of leading commercial air navigation service providers in the world, Airways New Zealand is tasked to manage all local as well as global air traffic working within New Zealand's over 30 million sq. kilometers of air space. In both 2003 and 2008, NZ Airways was billed the top provider for services in air navigation in the world. This was for extraordinary performance in providing client satisfaction, continuous improvement, and cost efficiency. The distinction was given by the IATA (International Air Transport Association) which consists of more than 90% of the airlines worldwide.

Air New Zealand

Airways New Zealand presently employs staff numbering approximately 680. This airline is the world's first completely commercial company that manages air traffic. In behalf of the State of New Zealand, the shareholders of Airways are the State-Owned Enterprises and Finance Ministers.

Revenue for Airways is generated from services it gives to airlines and pilots flying over or into New Zealand and also from the advisories and services it gives to overseas organizations and worldwide business affiliates. It gets no funding straight from the State.

New Zealand Air


It is managed by an independent, entrepreneurial Board of Directors, and is in a very good financial position to regularly return dividends of significant amounts back to the shareholders of the company. Airways NZ gives a wide array of services in air navigation to the New Zealand and global industry of aviation. Airways has won multiple awards for its successes in export and its international division has brought services of ANS to more than 40 countries globally.


Several Airways trainers have been based in the United States of America for a number of years. They are tasked to train FAA controllers on the usage of their new Oceanic Control System.

It is based upon this system that Airways has been in operation out of Auckland for more than 7 years. The Christchurch Airways' Training Centre consistently hosts groups of foreign controllers of air traffic. Today, Airways is employed as a risk management and technological benchmark for several international organizations.The role of Airways in the program is to train air traffic control and those providing technical services of the FAA on the new technology.

The techniques employed are closely taken from the company’s own system of Oceanic operations that works from the company's center in Auckland.


FedEx’s prime hub in the Asia-Pacific is in the Philippine’s Subic Bay. This company has up to 19 aircrafts with wide-bodies arriving to and from regional locations as well as North America and Europe every night. Airways were commissioned by FedEx contracted to set in a new ILS (Instrument Landing System) and to renovate and to transfer their existing Instrument Landing System.



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