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While visiting the region of Taranaki which is located on the west coast of the North Island of New Zealand you may see sign post as you observe on the picture. Those sign post are located on the beach written on it “warning to swimmers”.  There are some beaches that have often erosion, so due to erosion the beach is unsafe for the swimmers. Sometimes some of the beaches are even temporarily not accessible to swimmer for their own safe.  It is not forbidden to swim but the sign post tells the swimmers to take extreme care while swimming. Coastal erosion are often due to natural processes as winds, tides, waves but sometimes it may happen to human disturbances. It may sometimes be very dangerous for swimmers who adventure themselves in these regions. So if you see some of these sign posts it is may be better not to take the risk to have a swim before anything bad happens. There are so many attractions in Taranaki that can be visited.



Mount Taranaki Warning to Swimmers




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