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The Ruapehu Mountains is an active stratovolacano located on the north Island of New Zealand. The Ruapehu makes part of the Taupo Volcanic Zone. The Ruapehu is one of the most active volcanos of the world and is the largest active volcano in New Zealand. The eruption of the Ruapehu started for around 250,000 years ago. The main eruptions the last years occurred in 1845, 1945 and 1995-1996. In maori ruapehu means pit of noise or exploding pit. When visitors decide to visit the Mount Ruapehu are warned that the weather may change over the day and that they should bring wit them a basic survival equipment. The Mount Ruapehu has a height of two thousand seven hundred and ninety seven meters. The first to ascent the Mount Ruapehu was G. Beetham and J.P. Maxwell in 1997.



Mount Taranaki Ruapehu Mountains




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