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The Pukekura Park is located in the heart of the city of new Plymouth in Taranaki region in New Zealand. The park has an area of 128 acres. The Pukekura Park is a very popular park in New Plymouth. The park is much visited by residents and tourists. The park opens as from 7.30 in the morning. The park has lot of attractions for children and adults. In 1876 the park opened as the 15ha Recreation Ground and had the same name till 1908. Then it changed to Pukekura Park. When you are visiting New Plymouth you can also visit the Brooklands Zoo open to visitors as from 8.30 am everyday. The Zoo is home of different animals, as the capuchin monkeys, otters, animals from farm, cotton-top tamarin monkeys and also an endangered red panda species. The zoo is located near the Brooklands Bowl in the Pukukera Park. The Fernery is also in the park, it has three glass topped caverns constructed in a hillside, and you will be able to discover there a large variety of plants.



Mount Taranaki Pukekura Park




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