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The Mount Taranaki as you can see on the picture above is located in Taranaki region on the North Island of New Zealand. Mount Taranaki is also known as Mount Egmont. The mount is also one of the main attractions of the Taranaki region. The region of Taranaki is on the west coast of the North Island. The Mount Taranaki is a dormant stratovolcano, it has a height of 2518 meter. The mount is considered as a quite young volcano, its activity started around 135,000 years ago. The mount is surrounded with a temperate rainforest which is also a National Park., in the year 1881 an area around the mount was decided to be a Forest Reserve, in the year 1900 it has been called Egmont National Park. The view from the mount is spectacular. For those who are ski fans they will just love the place.



Mt Mount Taranaki




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