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Earl of Egmont a title in the Peerage of Ireland. The Mount Taranaki known as Mount Egmont got its name from John Perceval, second of Earl of Egmont.  He was born in 1711 and was a British politician, genealogist and political pamphleteer. The name to mount was given by James Cook. John Perceval first of Earl Egmont was born in 1683, in County Cork Ireland, he was an Irish politician. John Perceval first Earl of Egmont married in 1710 Catherine Parker and they also named their son John who became the second Earl of Egmont. John Perceval second Earl of Egmont married twice, and had sicxteen children, eight daughters and eight sons. From 1763 to 1766 he served as First Lord of the Admiralty. James Cook named the mount “Mount Egmont” in thank of the encouragement he got from the second Earl of Egmont for his first trip.



Mount Taranaki Earl of Egmont




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