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The Mount Takanaki also known as Mount Egmont is a dormant stratovolcano. The Mount Taranaki is considered as quite young volcano. A dormant stratovolcano is in the shape of a cone with a crater in the middle. The volcano is tall and is formed with many sheets of tephra, volcanic ash and lava that have been hardened with the time. You can observe on the picture that the Mount Taranaki has a conical form. The mount is two thousand five hundred and eighteen meters high. The Mount Taranaki is considered as one of the volcanic ash cones having a perfect shape in the world. The mount looks a lot like the Mount Fuji that’s why the movie The Last Samurai was partly made there.  There has not been much eruption from the Mount Taranaki. The main eruption happened around the year 1655. After some research made by experts it has been discovered that the main eruptions appears every 500 years for the last 9000 years.



Mount Taranaki Dormant Stratovocano




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