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This is a picture of the train station of Dunedin. It is photo took in front of the arrival and departure of the trains. The Station has inside cafés and bars for those having a little hunger or want to a drink while waiting for the next train. The Railway Station of Dunedin forms parts of the Heritage Buildings of Dunedin. The Railway Station’s opening was made in 1906 by the Prime Minister Joseph Ward. Joseph Ward was born in 1856 in Melbourne Australia. He has been the Prime Minister of New Zealand twice. He immigrated in New Zealand in the Southland region in 1863, with his family. He passed away in Wellington in 1930. The Railway Station is a magnificent architectural building. The Railway Station was designed by the architect George A. Troup. He was famous architect who designed many other railways stations in New Zealand. The Railway Station is close to the Law Courts Building. It has a Flemish Style built with dark basalt rock and light Oamaru stones. Oamaru stones are found in Oamaru, it is a compact limestone and hard mostly used in construction purposes.



Dunedin Train Station




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