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On this picture you can observe the building of the Town Hall of Dunedin. It was erected in 1929. The Town Hall is known for its organ known as the Dunedin Town Hall Organ. The organ is an impressive instrument. The organ was originally built in 1919 and was called “Bathrust Mammoth Cathedral Organ”. The organ travelled around England. They gave the organ the name of “Norma” after one of its builders. The organ has been restored since its construction. A town hall is also known as city hall and is the place where most when not all, of the important functions of organisations are gathered. In New Zealand they often call the town hall “guildhall” too. Dunedin is also the main city of Otago. The Town Hall building forms part of the Heritage Buildings as well as the St Paul Cathedral, Dunedin Railway Station or the Larnach Castle. Dunedin has also a large number of accommodations from comfortable to luxurious, motels, hotels, or bungalows.



Dunedin Town Hall of Dunedin




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