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Here is The Mission Club St Café in Dunedin New Zealand. When you visit Dunedin you will find a large number of cafes, bars and pub to have a drink. Here are some where you can have a stop while you are in Dunedin, Simon’s Club at 610 Union St, Scooby’s Lounge at 2183 Main St, The Pharm 941 Huntley Ave, Tumbleweeds at 424 Patricia Ave, Flanagans Irish  Pub at 465 Main St, Skip’s Bars and Grill at 271 Main Str, Brother’s tavern at 1415 Pinehurst Road, original Pinehurst at 1422 Pinehurst Road, Crazy George’s Sports pub at 1425 Main Street,  TJS Main Street at 1433 main Street, Mady’s Pub at 1780 Main St, Fat Daddys at 1780 Main St. If you visit Dunedin do not miss to pass by some of these pubs to have a nice drink with friends and family.



Dunedin The Mission Club St Cafe




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