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On this picture you can see the lighthouse of Dunedin on the top of the cliffs. Dunedin called by the Maoris Otepoti is considered as the second largest city of the South island. Dunedin has a population of over 100,000 and has a land area of over 3.000 km square. The city is surrounded by the Otago Harbour. A lighthouse is a tower constructed near a coastal area to help navigation at sea. The tower often painted in white and red color to be easily recognized by the boats is constructed often on the top of a hill of cliffs near the coast. Nowadays most of the lighthouses are automated which was not the case in the past. A lighthouse is a big help to avoid ship wrecks. The Nuggets Point is one the lighthouse found on the South Island in Otago region. Lighthouses are found in a lot of different countries that are located near the sea. A lighthouse has at least one lighthouse keeper but as now most lighthouses are automated only one keeper is needed.



Dunedin The Lighthouse of Dunedin




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