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The South Island is one of the two main islands of New Zealand. New Zealand is located in the Pacific Ocean. It has as capital Wellington. The capital city is located on the North Island which is the most populated island of New Zealand. The South island is named by the Maoris “Te Wai Pounamu” which means “the water of Greenstone”. The South Island has an area of 151,215 km square and is the twelfth largest island in the world. It is a quite mountainous area compared to the North Island. The North Island is the fourteenth largest island. The South Island is divided in seven regions, Southland, West Coast, Tasman, Marlborough, Nelson, Otago and Canterburry. The South Island does not have a large number of population. When you visit New Zealand you can learn about the Maori culture, the Maoris were the first inhabitants of New Zealand. If you visit the region of South Canterbury you may discover over five hundred sites of Maori Rock Art. There are a large number of attractions in the South Island.



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