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On this picture you can observe the Moeraki Boulders one of the major attractions of Moeraki. The boulders are septarian concretions and that have been exposed to shoreline erosion coming from the cliffs. Sepatarian comes from the “little walled”. Septarian concretions are concretions that contain cavities with angular forms. You may on the picture above how the boulders look; you would that that it has been formed by men. The Moeraki Boulders are seen on the Koekohe Beach not far from Moeraki village, a small fishing village. All along the beach you will see these enormous spherical boulders. It is a real must to visit this spectacular place. For Maoris, Moeraki means “a place to sleep by day”, or “sleepy sky”. Moeraki, a really dramatic coastal scenery to be absolutely seen.



Dunedin Septarian Concretion




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