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The Red Garter is a club where you can see striptease shows in Dunedin, New Zealand. A striptease is usually a dance performed by an artist; it is also called an exotic dance. Usually theses dances are seen in strip clubs. Striptease involves, contact dancing and also lap dancing. The dance is a way to tease the partner; it may be performed by men or women. It is said that the art of striptease comes from Sumeria, Mesopotamia. In South India they called this art Devadasi. Men started only after the year1970 to strip; most of the performers were only women at this time. Striptease clubs are not only found in New Zealand but in almost every country of the world. Sometimes a striptease may be organised as gift to a person for his birthday or just for a party.



Dunedin Red Garter Striptease



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