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Hampden is a small town in North Otago, New Zealand. It is not far from Dunedin which is the capital city of Otago. It got its name from John Hampden an English politician. The town has a small number of populations which is estimated as a little over 300. Not far from Hampden you can also see the spectacular moeraki boulders. John Hampden was born in 1595 and was the son of William Hampden of Hampden House Great Hampden in Buckinghamshire. John Hampden was married twice, his first was Elizabeth Symeon in 1619 and in 1640 he married Laetitia, the daughter of Sir Francis Knollys. He had nine children with his first wife. Dunedin has population of over 100,000. The oldest university is also located in Dunedin, the University of Otago which was constructed in 1869. The city has as main port the Port Chalmers.



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