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Dunedin is located on the South Island of New Zealand. It is also the second largest city in the South Island. The Maoris call Dunedin Otepoti. Dunedin is located on the coastal side of Otago. The city of Dunedin is situated on a hill. In Dunedin is also the University of Otago. The population of is estimated at over 114,000. The harbour of Otago is also in Dunedin. The Maoris tells that the first people who lived in Dunedin were the Kahui Tipua and then the Te Rapuwai but all this seems to be a legend only. Afterwards were the Waitaha and after them the Kati Mamoe in the sixteenth century and in the seventeenth century came the Kai Tahu. Captain James Cook came on the coast of Dunedin in 1770 and named it at this time Cape Saunders. Dunedin became in 1852 the capital of Otago province. Dunedin is a beautiful area to visit, one of its famous attractions is the Moeraki balls.







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