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As Dunedin is located near the coast of the South Island, New Zealand, there is of course beautiful beaches around. One of the much known beaches is the St Clair beach and is one of the main city beaches. The beaches of Dunedin are not so crowded and there are a lot of surfers who like to visit the beaches of Dunedin. The beaches are not far from the city and easily accessible. The beaches of Tomahawk and Smails have very great waves and surfers will love it there. One of the other attractions of Dunedin is the boulder beach where you can observe the moeraki stones. But while visiting Dunedin tourist should be aware of shark attacks, it seems that this side of the New Zealand has had the most shark attacks. The last shark attack was in 1971, there are net that are put out to protect swimmers against the sharks. Dunedin is a beautiful city to visit.



Dunedin Beach




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