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Hot water Beach is one of the main attractions of Coromandel. The hot water Beach is also the region where you can dig the sand and find warm water. You can see it on the picture; everybody is digging and sitting in these water pools. You can create there your own spa pool. This area is really fascinating that’s why it attracts a lot of curious people. But you need to be aware because swimming in the water of the Hot Water Beach may be dangerous. If you are a very strong swimmer then you can give a try to a swim but it is better not. You can hire spades to dig your warm water pool. You can observe on the picture how the people are happy to do this activity; it is as if they return to their childhood. So when you visit the area of Coromandel do not miss to go to the Hot Water Pool Beach to try it by yourself and have your own impression. And of course do not forget to make a lot of pictures to make your friends envy you.



Coromandel Hot Water Beach




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