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The Great Barrier is the name given to largest coral reef in the world; it consists of around three thousand unique reefs and nine hundred islands. The Great Barrier is 2,600 kilometres. It is said that the Great Barrier can even be seen out of space. The Great Barrier is also where the famous Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin made a large number of film documentary about sea crocodiles, reptiles, sea turtles, fishes. He was someone who loves nature. But he died on the 4 September 2006 while he was filming a documentary at the Great Barrier Reef; he got pierced by a stingray barb in the heart. Steve Irwin was someone very famous in Australia but not only there, his documentaries about wildlife, mainly crocodiles and reptiles were known in the whole world. He owned the Australia Zoo in Queensland, Australia with his wife Teri. In the Great Barrier Reef there is a large variety of fishes as dolphins, whales, sea snake. The Reef was known by European only in the year 1770 by the explorer Captain James Cook. The Endeavour had a wreck there and was damaged, that was the way he discovered the Great Barrier Reef. The Great Barrier Reef is a place where you will be able to admire beautiful fish species.



Coromandel Great Barrier




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