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Fishing is one of the activities that you can do in Coromandel. The peninsula offers beautiful beaches and interesting places for fishing. You can see on this picture a father and his son fishing at sunset. Fishing is a relaxing activity. Fishing exists for a very long time in the world. It is said that Fishing is as old as the Mesolithic period. Fishing is an activity of hunting fish, turtles, frogs, and octopus. In past there were traditional techniques used to fish. There are different techniques used to fish as a line with a hook, nets, nowadays there are modern techniques used for fishing. Fishing is also considered as a sport. Coromandel is the land for great holidays; the area has a large number of accommodations. Coromandel is surrounded with a lot of sub tropical forest; you can take a long walk in these green forests with friends and family.  This area is just a place to go if you want to distress, relax, forget about everything and have nice moments with the family. Coromandel is not to miss during your vacation and is a great place to make a lot of magnificent pictures to bring back home even those living in New Zealand just loves the place.



Coromandel Fishing at Sunset




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