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There is a bay located in the North of the continent of New Zealand which is called the Firth of Thames. The Firth of Thames is the firth of the two rivers Waihou and Piako. The word firth comes from Scotland, which is used for a large sea bay which may be part of a mouth of a river. There is firth that is found in many different part of the world as Firth of Clyde, Cromarty Firth, Moray Firth, Pentland Firth, and Solway Firth. Coromandel Peninsula is located near the Firth of Thames; the region is very peaceful and relaxing. The region of Whitianga is much visited by tourists and Aucklanders as Auckland is not far from Coromandel and its surroundings, Witianga and the surrounds are famous for its hot water pool, and beautiful sandy beaches. The area has also a variety of accommodations for tourists and New Zealanders. To spend your holidays in Coromandel will be a good and relaxing experience. It is a wonderful place with lot things to do.



Coromandel Firth of Thames




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