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Hot Water Pools are one of the fascinating attractions of Coromandel. Here on the picture you can observe signs that you may see while going around the beaches that have hot water pools, the signs tell to be careful that it can be dangerous, you can also see that it say swimming is not allowed, you can swim only if you are a very strong swimmer. To be able to sit in a hot water pool you must dig the sand where you will find hot water and you can make your own spa pool. At some places the water that comes out may be very warm. The hot water pools are mainly found around Whitianga. Those hot water beaches attract a lot tourist in this part New Zealand and even the people living in the country. It makes people curious and they want to go and try it to see if it is true. Coromandel is a place that has lot of different activities to offer to tourists, even the New Zealanders like this area, because it different from the big cities, life is cool there. You can just go there and relax. The large part of this region is covered of forest; it is not far from Auckland. Aucklanders like going to Coromandel, it is one of their favourite holiday destination when they want to stay in New Zealand. Coromandel is a fabulous and amazing holiday destinations.



Coromandel Danger Hot Water Pools




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