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Coromandel is located on the North Island of New Zealand. It is the name of a harbour and a town.  The town got its name after the peninsula which got its name after the HMS Coromandel. In the year 1820 the ship sailed in the harbour. In the past the port was the main living of Coromandel serving kauri (a tree originally from the North Island of New Zealand also known as Agathis australis) industries and gold mining but now the city lives mainly from mussel farming and tourism. HMS Coromandel was the name of ships from the British Royal Navy. For the inhabitants of New Zealand this area is a famous place for their summer holidays. In Maori they call Coromandel “Chola Mandalam” which means the land of the Cholas. The Chola was an old famous Tamil dynasty from Southern India that governed until the thirteenth century CE. The most popular from the early kings of the dynasty was Karikala Chola, the history says that he was considered as the most bad king in the world. Coromandel is a beautiful place to visit and to spend relaxed holidays. There are different place in the world called Coromandel as in Mauritius, a small village having the same name, in India the south-eastern coastline, in Australia it is a suburb of Adelaide and in Brazil the city Coromandel (Minas Gerais).







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