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On this picture you can observe in one of the parks of Coromandel black swans near a lake. The black swan is a beautiful bird as you can see it on the picture. There is in the world seven swan species. It is a large water bird that is mostly found in Australia and New Zealand. But in New Zealand it has been reintroduced just recently. Before the Maoris took possession of New Zealand there was a sub species of swan living in this country which has been hunted and now is an extinct species. The black swan has a black plumage; it has a length of 130cm and can weigh up to nine kgs. This magnificent bird has a long neck and it is curved. The cygnets have a light grey plumage. Usually when you talk about swan you always think that a swan is white. The Black Swan as other swan species is a monogamous bird, which means they often stay in couple for most of the time the whole life. In Western Australia, the black swan is under the protection of the Wildlife Act 1974 and the Australian National Parks, it is also the emblem of this of Australia.



Coromandel Black Swan in Park




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