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Coromandel has beautiful beaches as it is a coastal town. Coromandel is a great holiday destination for holidays. The area has beautiful white sandy beaches hot pool and there are also other attractions as fishing, boating, kayacking, diving, windsurfing, and bush walks. Coromandel is place where you can explore the culture; learn about the history of the Maoris, the first inhabitants of New Zealand. The area is a place where you can observe one of the best scenery of the North Island. Coromandel and its surroundings have accommodations for all budgets, motels, hotels, chalets, bungalows, lodges, campsites. Your holidays in this region will not be boring at all; there are so many things to do and to visit. There is also a large number of shopping centre, clubs, bars, café, restaurants. You may also find a large number of travel tour operators who organise visits all around the area where you can visit museums, historical buildings and learn about Maori culture. So while visiting this beautiful country of New Zealand, do not miss to have a visit in this fabulous region.



Coromandel Beach of Coromandel




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