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While walking along the streets of Christchurch you may see some clowns making some shows to make people laugh and entertain them. This allows them to earn some money to live. Clowns may be found in different areas where they perform, they can be found on television, in television, in hospitals to make children laugh and forget their sickness, in theatres, in circus, on streets as here in Christchurch. The word clown comes from the words clod or clot which means Clumsy fellow. Clowns are there to entertain people.  The classical look of a clown usually is a whiteface a red nose and they often have colourful costumes. But it exist three types of clowns, the whiteface, the character and the auguste. Clowns are also considered as artists or performers acting as if they were foolish or fool. They act in this way to make people laugh and entertain them. Clowns can be found as far as in the ancient Egypt and are seen on the first card of the tarot deck.



Christchurch Clown in Christchurch




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