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The Anglican cathedral of Christchurch is located in the cathedral square in Christchurch. Christchurch got its name after the Christ Church University of Oxford. The University of Oxford is located in Oxford, England.  Christ Church means the house or the temple of Christ. It is also sometimes known as The House. Christ Church was founded in 1524 by Cardinal Wolsey and was at this time known as Cardinal’s College. In the year 1529 the college became the property of King Henry VIII. In the year 1546 the King Henry re-founded the college and declared the old monastery church as cathedral and named it Christ Church (Aedes Christi). The University and cathedral of Oxford is a beautiful building. During the civil war of England between 1642 and 1646 the King Charles I lived at Christ Church. After the war Christ Church has been restored. The University of Oxford has a large number of students. It is a very famous college in Oxford. There are over four hundred undergraduate members of the college and around two hundred and fifty graduate students. The Christ Church Library has a large collection early printed books and manuscripts of Oxford and also a collection of legal works.



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