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This is a picture of the Challenge Filling Station in Christchurch, New Zealand. A filling station also called a petrol station or gas station is a place that sells fuel for motor vehicles. The most sold fuel is gasoline and diesel. Gas station is the term mostly used in Canada or US. In Australia it is known as Service Station. Some of the well known gas stations are Shell, Caltex, Esso, Mobil, and BP. Usually when you pump gas in your car or other type of vehicle you can first pump then pay but there are places where you need to pay first then pump, it is just a question of security because in some big cities there is too much criminality. While driving in Christchurch, Canterbury and the suburbs, you will come along a large number of Filling Stations. Christchurch is a fabulous area to spend your holidays. It is the largest city of the South Island of New Zealand. Christchurch and Canterbury is home of a lot of Heritage Buildings as the Art Gallery, the Canterbury Museum, the Maori Rock Art Site, Timeball Station, the Railway Station of Christchurch. There are also a large number of archeological sites in Canterbury and Christchurch.



Christchurch Challenge Filling Station




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