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The Chalice is a sculpture located in the Cathedral Square of Christchurch in New Zealand. This picture is made very close so that you can admire the sculpture where you can observe the design of the leaves. The Chalice has been created to celebrate the new millennium and the 150 th Anniversary of the foundation of Christchurch and Canterbury. The official ceremony was made in September 2001. The Chalice has a height of eighteen meters and has a diameter at the ground of 1.2 meters and at the top of 8.5 meters. At the foot of the chalice it stands on a dark band of black granite making a circle of three meters in diameter. The sculpture is made of forty two leaves patterns in metal. The sculptor of the Chalice is Neil Dawson. You can see on the former picture the Chalice on the Cathedral Square, it is a magnificent sculpture; it must not have been easy to build. The Cathedral Square is a great attraction in the centre of the city. Christchurch is also known as the Garden City as it is surrounded of a large of number of parks. Around the Cathedral Square you will find a large number of accommodations, restaurants, bars and café. The Camelot Cathedral Square Hotel or the Millennium Hotel are examples of very pleasant hotels located in the centre of the city with beautiful views on the city and easily accessible to shopping areas.



Christchurch Chalice




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