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On the above picture you can observe the Cathedral Square located in the city of Christchurch in New Zealand. On the background on the left side you can see the Christ Church Anglican Cathedral and on the right side the Chalice. The square is a busy place in centre of the city. In the beginning it was planned to be named Ridley Square after the Protestant martyr Nicholas Ridley. The place development started in the year 1850 and 1860, the work on the Anglican Cathedral started in 1862. In 1867 a statue of Robert Godley was constructed as he was builder of the city. The square is place in the city where you see a large number of people walking along or making a break in the restaurants or bars to have a drink and relax during the day. Christchurch has a large number of attractions in the city itself and also in the suburbs. There are activities as walking, water sports, golf, and mountaineering. Christchurch is also famous for the large number of Heritage buildings it has as the Art Centre, Canterbury Museum. If you prefer the beaches then take a drive to New Brighton or Sumner where you can relax on the sandy beach, take a sun bath or have a swim in the beautiful sea. You can also visit Lytteyton the oldest place of the city of Christchurch which is also a port. The Botanical Garden or the Hagley Park is also a peaceful area where you can visit the garden and relax taking a breath of fresh air.



Christchurch Cathedral Square




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